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Goliath Crane

Double girder design based goliath cranes are overhead cranes to some extent and these are supported by independently controlled wheel based legs that move along a track line. These cranes are extensively used in harbors and ports, construction sites and locations where bay length is inadequate. Goliath cranes are also used in workshops that have low roof height or where wheel based overhead crane can not be installed. Yellow in color, this range of material handling systems can cover 20 m to 30 m distance by maintaining 5m/min travelling speed. Offered cranes are capable of lifting 30 tons to 4o tons lifting capacity range.

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Heavy Duty Goliath Crane

Price: 650000 INR/Set
  • Product Type:Heavy Duty Goliath Crane
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Delivery Time:4-5 Days

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