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Electric Chain Hoist
Electric chain hoists are utilized for lifting heavy loads. These are also capable of loading and unloading applications. Our offerings are compact in structure and highly efficient. Electric chain hoists can resist toughness and impact. The said products use 115 volts for raising and lifting purpose. 

EOT Cranes
EOT cranes are best suitable for warehouses, manufacturing units, relocating or unloading heavy loads and railway workshops. These are capable of traveling in both directions. EOT cranes can easily lower or raise heavy loads. Our products have a robust structure and durability. 

Double Girder EOT Cranes
Double girder EOT cranes are widely found coal fields, power plants, engineering industry, steel plants and more. These arecomprised of crab mechanism which help them to travel above both girders. Double girder EOT cranes are robust in construction and highly durable. 

End Carriage
End carriages support the bridge and plays a vital role in operation of bridge crane. These are ideal for load translation. Our provided products are comprised of girder and wheel. End carriages are attributed with longer service life, high performance efficiency and efficiency. 

Hot Cranes
HOT cranes are mostly used for maintenance purposes. These machines allow lateral movement. The said products provide maximum versatility, high efficiency, ruggedness and reliability. HOT cranes require low maintenance and provide longer functional life. Can be availed in different specifications. 

Gantry Cranes
Gantry cranes are designed especially for outdoor applications like railyards, steel mills, scrap yards, special construction and manufacturing facilities. Our offerings are used for lifting heavy loads. Gantry cranes are resistant to corrosion, various weather conditions and other damages. 

Crane Wheel Assembly
Crane wheel assemblies provide ductile core for resisting shock loads. These components have uniform contour hardness and inner flange wear surfaces. Crane wheel assemblies are capable of replacing OEM parts. Our products are easy to install and maintain. Get these in different finishes.

Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes
Pillar mounted jib cranes are used for freestanding installation. These are highly adaptable and capable of repetitive lifting tasks. Our provided products can lift and load weights in a hassle-free manner. Pillar mounted jib cranes are integrated with fixed pillars which can be rotate. 

Hoist Crab
Hoist crabs find their applications in material handling sectors for lifting and moving loads. These are highly appreciated in the industrial areas for carrying, loading and unloading heavy materials. Hoist crabs have a robust structure, longer functional life and high-performance efficiency. 

Goliath Crane
Goliath cranes are found in several industries for lifting and handling materials. These are applicable of automobile, shipping and heavy machinery manufacturing industries. Our products possess high performance efficiency and maximum longevity. Goliath cranes have a unique structure, versatility and efficiency. 

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